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Distinguished Bachelors/Bachelorettes was created by Lisa Clampitt, founder of VIP Life and world renowned matchmaker, to allow her bachelors and bachelorettes of distinction to enjoy the same success in their social lives they have worked so hard for in their professional lives. Catering to those who seemingly have everything in the world they want except the right person to share their life with.


Distinguished Bachelor/Bachelorettes operates along the same premise as an executive search model providing extensive exposure and visibility without comprising one’s confidentiality. This site is a private members only club- which is part of what makes this concept and the connections authentic, holistic and unique.  Membership provides access to professional, dynamic single men and women who are personally screened and approved for membership.


Some of Our Bachelorettes

Bachelorette # 201
Age: 39
Occupation: Public relations & marketing manager
Location: California
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Bachelorette # 486
Age: 33
Occupation: Managing Director
Location: New Jersey
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Bachelorette # 295
Age: 30
Occupation: Hedge fund
Location: New York
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Some of Our Bachelors

Bachelor # 6
Age: 48
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Location: New York
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Bachelor # 220
Age: 47
Occupation: Commercial Real Estate/Finance
Location: New York
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Bachelor # 393
Age: 38
Occupation: Private Equity
Location: New York
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